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Preppers Tool

for Android Smartphones



  • homeOverview
    Notifications and monitoring to see when supplies are about to hit their best-before-date. Estimation how long your supplies of different inventories will last.
  • view_listSupplies
    Record and manage your Supplies sortable by different options.
  • settingsCustomization
    Adjust units, formats, demand of supplies and notification options in the settings.
  • add_locationMap
    Create your site plan in the map view by creating all relevant positions in your area.
  • categoryOrganization
    All your inventories can contain food, water, tools and other supplies, which are all organized by own categories.
  • menu_bookInventories
    Despite your local inventory you can add Bug out Bags, Vehicles and Camps with their own content list.
  • linkLink with map
    Link your Bug Out Camps or Agreements with map entries.
  • phoneRadio Agreements
    List all your radio agreements with all relevant settings.
  • picture_as_pdfExport as PDF
    Create a printable PDF of selected Entries to keep organized without your smartphone.